My breakthrough moments are connected to creating. In essence, I have “createthrough” moments and thus, the birth of this website’s name. Creativity, supported by enthusiastic people who have asked me to share my work, was the inspiration for this virtual gallery. My hope is that Createthrough showcases my work, tells you a story, allows you to connect and ultimately, engages you in creative conversation. At the very core, creating art makes me happy.

Though I have always considered myself an artist, my formal education was not in the Fine Arts. Driven by a love reading and writing, I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature and then “applied my degree” for the next fifteen years as I went on a sales and marketing, client services, advertising, and property management adventure. That adventure had stops in a couple of Ontario cities and then it moved west to Alberta with stops in Slave Lake, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, Airdrie and at present Calgary.

When we moved to Calgary, my husband suggested that I set up a small studio space in our home. At that point, my goal was to fill our walls with meaningful art. Much of my initial work hangs proudly on our walls and complements our family’s story. Each brushstroke tells a story. I do not want to reproduce a photo or a memory; rather, I strive to convey the emotion of the moment.

My inspiration may be a row of autumn aspens, a prairie sunset, a lush creek bed, a mountain vista, a turquoise lake or a significant moment in time. I love to connect the inspiration of the moment to an exploration of colour. I prefer to work in acrylics because they bring a bright clarity to the canvas. I am impatient with my layering of colour and acrylics are fast drying. And when working in the middle of a family home, the ease of clean up makes acrylics an obvious choice.

It is in the middle of the everyday busyness of life that I create and at the centre of it all is my family. When I am not at the easel, you might find me spending time with my husband Ken and there is a chance you might find me orchestrating the day to day chaos of life with our four kids, Benjamin, Jillian, Dryden and Teaghan.