September Poplars

There is no other way to explain this painting other than “Beth’s Trees.” My Backyard Aspen’s painting is one of my friend Beth’s favourites. It has hung in our dining room since completion and every time Beth has stopped into the house, she has mentioned the work. You see, it reminds her of the acreage that she grew up on just outside of the city. At her Mom’s place, the poplars and the aspens surround the house and the view is spectacular. So, late in the summer and as we approached fall, I took my trusty point and shoot camera over to her Mom’s property and snapped a couple of pictures for inspiration. The final result was the September Poplars. I love this chunk of trees and the size of the work mimics a window out to the natural surroundings. In being styled similar to the Backyard Aspens, I pulled the golden yellow tones to the forefront to dance above the subtle gray tones of the piece.

72” X 24”
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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