Galatea Creek II

For my husband’s birthday, I promised him a painting for his office. I chose to paint another Galatea Creek because of the significance of the hike for our family. Additionally, I wanted to replay that arch of colour in the back treescape.

As a work in progress, I love to see the progression of colour layers. The kids think that the water should stay that way because it should be blue. Of course it will not stay that way. In the process it will get some greens, some muddied greens and browns and some greys. The basic layering of initial colours allows me to connect with the lines and flow of the work. The colours that layer create dimension.

Now complete, the creek has movement and the landscape depth. For fun, because art should be fun and filled with great energy, I painted the outer canvas edges an electric deep red orange. It is the same orange that arches in the forest canopy and with the piece destined for an office environment; I hope that it provides a punch of energy in the space.

24″ X 48″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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