Blossoms IV

The successes in the series outweigh the quirks. Again, the creative process, of putting inspiration and brush stroke together becomes evident in the series. Part of the challenge with this work was the actual return to the craft.

After a lengthy absence and departure from technical practice, the breakthrough moment was in the actual movement of the brush and the experimentation with the colour. The series represents the return of creative energy and though there were moments of ennui with the piece, there were also moments of the return of creative energy, the return of signature brushstrokes and the unabashed love of colour.

Quite frankly, the absolute driving factor of the work was the need to use colour and the need to experiment with the layering of that colour. For a period of time, the work resembled popcorn in a cacophony of ridiculous colours. Too my great frustration, the white on the canvas was disastrous and the blossoms did not have any form other than these great blobs of ghastly white.

In persevering, I continued to layer in some purples and yellows. I revisited each segment and Blossoms IV demonstrates a new found experimentation which is captured best in the green leaf segments that have yellows, reds and blues playing together.

16″ X 20″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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