Blossoms III

Apple red represents the final stages of the metamorphosis from bud to blossom to fruit. So, to begin with this rich colour as the background for the piece, the end colour harnesses the entire process. Every brush stroke touches the final colour of the fruit. The richness of the colour allows for a fantastic layering effect and instead of the white of the canvas showing through, the red makes a warm entrance. As a series, the paintings can be combined to make a whole. Blossoms III, on its own, is a rather quirky piece with a funny log of brown running through it. By far, it is not my favourite of the four, but throughout the process, the layering of colour in the work can be seen in the bottom corner where greens and reds and yellow and blues dance together. That interplay of colour interests me more than the composition, as my work continues to explore the use of multiple colours to create energy and vibrancy. In the end, the small areas of creative success are delightful.

16″ X 20″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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