Blossoms II

The three year process is interesting. Nothing in the technical sense, for me, takes three years. I am far too impatient to toil away at a piece for that long. Most work evolves in a series of hour long studio sessions. This work evolved much more experimentally. The series of four canvases teased me back into the world of art. The process of transforming inspiration to brush stroke on canvas began with eliminating the white space of the canvas. Early on in my studies, I had an art teacher that insisted on painting away all of the white space. This idea permeates the Blossoms series, as each of the four canvases started with my painting the canvases an incredible deep apple red. As red is my favourite colour, the canvases sat in the room as red canvases for at least a year before they teased me back again to start painting the green leaves.

16″ X 20″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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