Blossoms I

At times, I am more interested in the process of creativity than the actual end result. It is tantamount in the exploration of the creative self. In the Blossom’s series of four canvases, the process began in a typical suburban prairie backyard in Airdrie, Alberta. Typical being, a home built in the mid 90’s during a Calgary boom where the palette of vinyl siding punctuates the manicured lawns of garage at the front homes. Each home was allotted, by the generous builders and developers, a single front yard tree and, if one was lucky a single backyard tree. Our backyard tree was a delightful little crab apple tree. And, during one of our first springs in this home, the tree had a multitude of blossoms. As with most of my work, the process is inspired by a photo or a connection to the subject. I snapped a couple of shots of the blossoms with the hope of painting them “one day.” “One day” became a three year process.

16″ X 20″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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