Township Road One Twenty Four I

Prairie skies are teeming with incredible colour and this one is no exception. This is a painting of a 2007 photo that was taken at my friend’s acreage just outside of Medicine Hat Alberta. When we first moved to the Prairies, I missed the waters of Lake Huron. It is the vastness of that open water that is spectacular. I find a little piece of that vastness in the big prairie sky.

For a colour addict, though, the sunsets over yellow canola fields and towards the deep purple coulees offer so much more play. The purples and oranges and the remaining blue skies combine. To recreate those colour combinations, it is no easy feat, especially for this impatient acrylics painter. It took some experimenting to attain the separate quality of the yellows and the blues without them mixing. Basic colour theory gets in the way when one wants blue and yellow to be layered together and the end result would be a sickly sky with a green hue. To combat this colour mix, the underpainting of this work has been blended with some reds between the blues and the yellows. The result is an orange/purple blend without the harshness of the blue hitting yellow directly and creating a green.

The choice of canvas was deliberate. I love to grab a chunk of the vertical and focus on that small segment instead of working on a long horizon. In Township Road One Twenty Four II this becomes even more evident.

24″ X 48″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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