Galatea Creek I

As I painted this piece, the process became more sophisticated. In the summer of 2010, I snapped a picture of Galatea Creek during our Lake Lillian hike in Kananaskis. There was a storybook feel to the greens and the lushness of the landscape. That visual connection may have been enough; yet, I talk of painting connection and the connection to this painting is significant as it represents our first full day hike as a family. Up until this point, our hikes were, on average, about two or three hours in duration consisting of some water and a granola bar snack. Our hike in Kananaskis that day was planned as a full day hike with packs filled with water, snacks and lunch and all four children experienced this together. Truly, it was a milestone moment for our crew.

The composition of this work was vital. It needed all of the elements of this hike, the rock, the water and the greenery. Most significant for me, is the need to represent the crux of the work which was the reverence for this milestone and as I was composing, the arching of the trees at the top of the work became significant. I liken it to a cathedral arch or the arching of a stained glass church window. With that in mind, I finished the work with brush strokes of light over the rocks and water. In addition, you will see the strokes of deep orange that sparkle at the top of that arching “treescape” that allow for the contrast of the green to pop.

36″ X 60″
Acrylic on 1 ½” canvas

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